More Food Art Fun! Bitzer for Breakfast

More Food Art Fun! Bitzer for Breakfast

Happy July! We spent the past week on vacation and it was so good to get away!



And completely carefree.

After such a great time, we have been slow to get back in the swing of things. Thank goodness for the Fourth of July weekend, yet another excuse to laze around with the family and eat ice cream three times in one day!

But now we’re back! Back in the kitchen. Back to food art. Back to making food fun! Who or what would you like to see? I love getting your requests!

Today, it’s Bitzer for Breakfast!

This sweet little pooch is mostly made of buttered toast, plus a little jam, fruit and chocolate chips for details.

To make him even more realistic, you can add a flock of cauliflower sheep to the plate!

Just be sure to keep an eye on them . . . because as Bitzer can attest, those silly sheep are always quick to escape!




2 slices white bread


1 slice wheat bread

1 plum

2 white chocolate chips

2 mini chocolate chips

1 apple

Blueberry jam

1 baby carrot

Cauliflower florets (for sheep decoration), if desired


Using scissors, cut Bitzer’s torso out of a piece of bread. Heat up a little butter in a skillet, and then lightly toast the top side of the torso in the butter. Place the toasted torso on the bottom half of a large plate, as shown below.

Using scissors, cut out a collar from the crust of a piece of wheat bread. Place this on top of the torso.

Using scissors and a second piece of white bread, cut out the shape of Bitzer’s face. Toast his face in the skillet with a bit of butter. Place the toasted face piece on the plate, just above the collar. Next, using a knife, slice off one side of a plum, so that the slice forms a purple circle (his nose) that will fit inside Bitzer’s face. Place the plum slice in the center of his face. Then use your knife to gently cut a smile beneath his nose, from cheek to cheek. Place white chocolate chips above the nose for eyes, and then mini chocolate chips in the center of each for pupils. For his teeth, slice off a thin piece of apple, and then use your knife to cut out some little wedges (it’s okay if they aren’t all the same size or shape!). Place those along his smile.

For ears, use scissors to cut long tear-drop shapes out of wheat bread. Place these on the side of Bitzer’s face at his eye level, as shown below.

Using scissors, cut out a small crescent shape for Bitzer’s hat. Cover the topside with blueberry jam, and then place it on his head, as shown below. Next, using either remaining piece of white bread, cut out an arm shape. Toast it in some butter in the skillet, and then place it on Bitzer’s torso, as shown below.

For Bitzer’s clipboard, use the remaining part of your piece of wheat bread to cut out a rectangle. Place this on the plate just under his paw (the tip of his arm piece). For a pencil, place a baby carrot in between his paw and his clipboard.

Now add cauliflower sheep if you want, and Bitzer is ready to serve!

Think you might try making Bitzer for breakfast? I want to see your creations! Post him on Instagram with the hashtag #ShaunTheSheepDIY and tag @MarieSaba and @ShaunTheSheep so we can all enjoy everyone’s art! (And if you post it on Flipagram, just use the hashtag #ShaunTheSheepDIY!)

Planning to see the movie? Just one more month before it opens in the U.S.! Check out the trailer here:

Shaun the Sheep: The Movie

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  1. Moira November 21, 2015 at 1:13 pm #

    I love your recipes. They are so cute and fun. I can’t wait to try some myself!

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