Printable Food Pun Valentines + Gift Ideas!

Printable Food Pun Valentines + Gift Ideas!

I’m so good at wasting time. So good. Basically an expert. Just this morning I spent over an hour thinking up little gifts to pair with my printable food-pun valentines from last year.

Remember these? Can you guess them all? (Btw, figuring out food puns is not wasting time — it’s good for your brain. Shopping is also really good for your brain, but um, imma have to get you the link to that study later.)

Aren’t these fun for Valentine’s Day? I just love the idea of doing something other than grocery-store valentines and conversation antacids.

All of these images (and more!) are available for download here. Then you can add a matching gift to go with each one … like a box of tea with the “Q-tea” card (perfect for a tea-drinking teacher!); some mints or gum with the “mint to be” one; and fruit stripssnacks or lollipops with the fruit-themed cards.

Wouldn’t this stoneware berry box with fresh berries inside be a perfect teacher gift with the “love you berry much” card?

The possibilities are endless!

If you’re interested, here are the details . . .

(1) To print the food-pun images:

Go to this dropbox folder and download the pictures you want. The pictures are all free to use; I’m just glad to see people having fun with these and spreading the love!

Then upload the pictures to a photo printing service (I used the Walgreens app on my phone), print several copies of each (make sure to specify 4×4″ square prints), then go pick them up.

(2) Add an envelope and decorate:

These envelopes are 5″ x 5″ — perfect for the 4″ x 4″ prints.

Kids can decorate the envelopes with heart stickers and such.

(3) Add a coordinating gift:

Lots of fun ideas are provided below!

Pair with: Apple fruit strips, apple lollipops, apple erasers, applesauce (perfect for preschool!), apple chips, or a real apple!

Pair with: Pear jelly beans, fancy pear soap, pear-decorated mug, spiced pear tea

Pair with: Roasted nuts

Pair with: Tazo tea and vintage tea cup

Pair with: cupcake stamps

Pair with: Plush donut toy

Pair with: gourmet olives snack pack

Pair with: gourmet jam

Pair with: set of cheese knives

Pair with: espresso and hand-held milk frother

Pair with: radish seeds

Pair with: a flanera (pan for making flan) and this recipe

Pair with: screen-printed beet kitchen towel

Pair with: berry candiesberry basket (add fresh berries!), or berry lollipops

Pair with: I love bacon mug

Pair with: tomato stress balls

Have pun, oh I mean “fun” spreading the love!

Disclosure: I recently became an affiliate for so I may earn a small commission if you use my links. Although I generally don’t allow any ads on my website, I absolutely love Amazon Prime and am happy to share it here. Thanks to Amazon Prime, which ships just about everything I need right to my doorstep, I spend a lot less time driving around to various stores and more time with my family. As far as the commissions, those go towards the costs associated with this blog. Thanks so much for your support :)

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  1. Tom Collier January 26, 2017 at 8:25 pm #

    Your humor makes me hungry. ;-)

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