Easy Greek Salad

Are Greek salads in your weekly meal plan? They should be. They’re so easy to make, highly nutritious and completely delicious.


Greek salads can be served as a side with almost anything. I love them for lunch on their own, or alongside hummus, rolled grape leaves (“dolmas”), lentil soup, chicken broth with lemon and turmeric, or homemade no-knead bread. For a protein-packed lunch, add a half or whole can of low-mercury tuna to the salad and toss it along with the vinaigrette.

For dinner, Greek salads go great with take-out or homemade pizza, spaghetti bologneserolled grape leaves, or grilled salmon, shrimp or chicken.

If you’d like to prep part of the salad in advance, you can:

(1) wash and chop the romaine lettuce (or buy it already washed and chopped);

(2) slice the cucumbers;

(3) slice the pepperoncini (or buy them already sliced);

(3) slice the mushrooms (or buy them already sliced);

(4) and make the dressing.

Everything, except the dressing, can be stored in separate ziplock bags in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Wrap the romaine lettuce in a paper towel before putting it in the ziplock bag to help absorb moisture / avoid soggy lettuce. Store the dressing in a glass jar with a lid. Oh, the olive oil will likely solidify in the refrigerator, but no worries — the oil will return to its liquid state when it returns to room temp.

Later, when it’s time to eat, you’ll just need to slice the tomatoes, put everything in a big bowl and crumble the feta on top. Then, simply add the dressing, toss and serve!

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