John’s Favorite Wilted Salad

Let me just warn you: this recipe is not exciting. At all.

There’s no kale or quinoa or anything like that. It’s just iceberg lettuce. (I  prefer iceberg to kale. But shhhhh.)

And the dressing is so simple: lemon juice, minced garlic, olive oil and S&P.

The preparation is unpretentious, too: after you whisk the dressing, you dump it on a bowl of chopped iceberg, add a heap of grated Parmesan and a pile of sliced pepperoncini. Then toss everything together and forget about it. Let it just sit there and wilt. (The poor salad. Sitting over there in the corner.)

But don’t worry! The salad will have its Rudy moment!

You’ll have this pizza in front of you, but you’ll take a quick bite of salad first just “cuz it’s the right thing to do.” And then you’ll forget about your, what was it? … oh yeah, pizza. Who needs pizza when you have THIS SALAD? SAL-AD! SAL-AD! SAL-AD! Are you getting chills? I am.

Truly though: this simple wilted salad is so yummy and garlicky and utterly addicting, you just might reach for the bowl! It’s John’s absolute favorite side with anything Italian. Hope you try it! I think you’ll love it!

P.S. These are my favorite pepperoncini. Crisp and flavorful with a spicy kick. I found these at Central Market.

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