Slow-Cooked Balsamic Beef

Balsamic beef just sounds good, doesn’t it? I thought so when I saw a recipe for it on Pinterest. Then I made it. It was okay but nothing memorable. Meh, I would say. Very meh.

So I decided to come up with my own recipe. I wanted something that was really different flavor-wise from my favorite beef stew. More specifically, here’s what I was going for:

1.  A LOT of balsamic flavor, rich, syrupy and pleasantly sweet.

2.  Fall-off-the-bone beef. Spoon tender, as I like to call it.

3.  Mushrooms and onions to serve with the beef.

4. Deep, deep flavor, the kind you can only get from cooking beef with bones.

5. An easy recipe with a short ingredient list and minimal chopping involved.

After a few tries, I’m excited to share the finished recipe! And let me just warn you, it’s completely insane.


Logistically, you can cook the dish in your crockpot (4 hours on low) or in the oven (4 hours at 300 degrees). With either, just be sure to brown the beef in a pan on the stove before adding the other ingredients; this adds so much flavor, color and texture — definitely a step you don’t want to skip!

For serving, try it with roasted green beans, oven-roasted cauliflower, stacked pear spinach salad, Brussels sprouts with blue cheese, warm spinach salad, or my personal favorite, cheesy mashed cauliflower :)

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