Stacked Pear Spinach Salad


Have you ever seen a salad so beautiful? Oh I just love everything about it. The pear goes so well with the maple-syrup vinaigrette, blue cheese and candied pecans. And the presentation, oh the presentation!

You can serve this salad vertically or horizontally. And while serving it vertically makes for a truly stunning presentation, be careful because it’s hard to keep it standing!

So on a day-to-day basis, I serve this salad “caprese style,” with the pear and spinach alternating like tomato and mozzarella.

Simply slice the pear into 5-7 slices, crossways, so you have nice round circles. Then, in a medium bowl, dress the spinach and mix it with a little of the cheese and pecans. Then slide a little of that goodness in between each slice of pear. Garnish with remaining cheese and pecans. And if you like it sweet (like I do!), drizzle with a little remaining maple syrup on top and serve!

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