Summer Fun: Food Art & Shaun the Sheep

Summer Fun: Food Art & Shaun the Sheep

This is me every June: “Yay Summer! Woohoo!! . . . Wait, what are we gonna DO all summer?” Here are 20 ideas from last year, and 10 more here. This year, we got this sprinkler and this slip-n-slide and have loved both so far!



Wanna know what else we’re doing this summer? Food art!

That’s right . . . playing with our food!!


Come join me on Instagram for tons of ideas! Your pantry is an art project waiting to happen!

Our latest project is Shaun the Sheep. Do you know him? He’s huge over in Europe, and with good reason! His adventures are hilarious and you just can’t help but love him, with his big round eyes and little puff of wool on top :) You can find his shorts on YouTube (this is one of my favorite episodes), and he’s coming to the big screen in the U.S. this summer! August 7, 2015 to be precise, and I already can’t wait!

Now for the really fun part: How to make Shaun out of food! Here’s a flipagram of the process, with step-by-step instructions below.


Shaun the Sheep Food Art



2 slices of white or wheat bread

2 big spoonfuls of Nutella

2 mini vanilla wafer cookies

4 large dark chocolate chips

1 banana, cut into thin circles


Using scissors, cut one slice of bread into the face shape of a sheep. Cut the other slice of bread into two long ears. Place those on the bottom half of a large plate.


Using a butter knife, spread Nutella all over the topside of the bread. (Be ready to lick your fingers, as it will get a little messy!)


Place two mini vanilla wafer cookies as eyes. (If you don’t have the cookies, just use banana slices.)


Place two chocolate chips in the center of the cookies to finish off the eyes, and place the remaining two chocolate chips below as nostrils. For the wool, stack the banana slices above the bread as shown below.


Then stack a few banana slices on top of the first banana slices, to form a second layer. You can stop here and eat, or you can add his funny little mouth that juts out to the side :)


For the mouth, cut an oval out of bread and cover the topside with Nutella. Cut a slice of banana in half (so you have two half-circle pieces), and use those for the teeth. Now enjoy!


Think you might make a Shaun the Sheep? I want to see your creations! Post him on Instagram with the hashtag #ShaunTheSheep and tag @MarieSaba and @ShaunTheSheep so we can all enjoy everyone’s art! Happy summer!

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