Weekly Meal Plan: Salmon Dinner

Weekly Meal Plan: Salmon Dinner

I posted my weekly meal plan yesterday and got a great response — yay! Looks like many of you are in the same situation as I am … wanting to feed yourself and your family good food without much time to do it.


Today, I’ll break down the first meal, which we had last night:

Oven-baked salmonlemon-dill saucericepeas, spinach salad, fruit

The menu is gluten free, unless you add the homemade bread. It could easily be Paleo-ish, too: swap chimichurri for the lemon-dill sauce, omit the rice and double the salad.

Here is the grocery list for only that meal:


Here are the steps (with shorthand recipes), including a few things you can do the day before, or whenever you have a few minutes:


One other tip: I usually buy seafood on Sunday and cook it on Monday, while it’s still fresh. If you want to have seafood later in the week, I would recommend buying it the day of or only 1-2 days before.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll update this post as needed. Tomorrow I’ll post everything for the taco dinner. Have a good one!


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