Weekly Meal Plan: Week 2

Weekly Meal Plan: Week 2

Weekly meal plan #1 was a success, so moving right a long to week #2!


Here’s the menu:

Sunday: Rolled grape leaves (or you could sub in lamb chops or grilled chicken or shrimp), hummus with raw veggies, tabbouli (link to recipe, but you can buy it already prepared to save time), Greek salad, fruit, bread

Monday: Pistachio-crusted salmon, rice, lentils, steamed broccoli, fruit

Tuesday: Pizza, steamed artichokes, wilted salad, carrots and ranch, fruit

Wednesday: Chicken nuggets or leftovers

The kids will have dinner with daddy so Mommy can take a break from cooking! . . . And by “take a break” I mean teach a cooking class! (Hi, I have a problem.) Want to join me? The upcoming class is sold out but we just posted a new class on October 26. I’ll be making the menu from Sunday above — a delicious Mediterranean dinner spread, which also happens to be really great for your health!

Thursday: Pesto pork tenderloin, spaghetti squash, tomato-cucumber salad, Annie’s Homegrown Shells and Cheese, fruit

Friday: Out to dinner or whatever ;)


Here’s my grocery_list for all of these meals. I’ll post the details of each dinner with separate grocery lists during the week. In the meantime, let me know if you have questions. Happy first week in October! Hope you are enjoying this first blast of fall :)

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