Weekly Meal Plan: Week 4

Weekly Meal Plan: Week 4

Weekly meal plan number 4 is up!

Monday and Tuesday are the usual (salmon and tacos), but we’re mixing it up on Sunday with a trip to Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza, and then again on Wednesday with Franklin’s BBQ for my brother’s birthday. So lucky to live in Austin with such unique venues and amazing food!

Jack has had the sniffles lately, so I’m made chicken broth today, and will serve that with dinner throughout the week with rice, turmeric, lime and avocado. I love to have it for lunch, too.


Friday is Mediterranean food, my favorite way to end the week :)


These are some of the shortcuts I took this week:

  • Instacarted my groceries from Central Market;
  • Got the fresh guacamole from Central Market;
  • Got the fresh remoulade sauce from Central Market (it’s in the fish case and is delicious with pretty much any seafood);
  • Got the traditional rotisserie chicken from Central Market and used that to make my chicken broth (pick off meat that you want to serve in the soup later, put the carcass in a big pot with water, and simmer over low heat all day);
  • Got organic broccoli, already cut into florets, for marinated broccoli salad; and
  • Got Mexican style cheese, already grated, for taco night and an egg casserole.

Now Monday is looking better already :) Full menus and links to recipes are below. What are you all having? Would love to hear what quick-and-easy meals your family enjoys during the week!


Out for PIZZA and BEERS :) Y’all been here yet? They have plenty of sand/dirt/grass for the kids, tons of beer for the parents, and OMG delicious pizza for everyone! Wear your boots because it. is. dusty.


(Image credit: Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza)


Grilled salmon with Central Market prepared remoulade sauce

Marinated broccoli salad

Simple white rice (rice-cooking tips available here)

Easy buttered green peas




Ground bison tacos in corn tortillas

Cilantro lime sauce

Central Market prepared fresh guacamole + chips

Simple cole slaw (shredded cabbage tossed with cilantro lime sauce)

Leftover white rice




Franklin’s BBQ to-go for my brother’s birthday


(Image credit: Franklin’s BBQ)


Homemade chicken broth with chicken, white rice, lime, turmeric and cubed avocado




Rolled grape leaves (or you could sub in lamb chops or grilled chicken)

Hummus with raw veggies

Big Greek salad


No-Knead bread


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